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I came to see Dr. Wells because my breast surgeon was recommending me for nipple sparing and breast reconstruction simultaneously with bilateral mastectomies. As I really respected and liked my surgeon, and was in a state of anxiety regarding the need for the surgery, I decided that I would not "ask around," but go with his recommendation. He said that Dr. Wells is really excellent at what she does.

I first saw her in August of 2012, about 2 weeks prior to my August 29 surgery. She was very upbeat and supportive about what I wanted. One of the first things, in looking back, that I really liked is the fact that she encouraged me to think about what I wanted. This had not entered my brain at all. My surgeon had said that I could be a "perky B," and I had not thought about it again — that is, until Dr. Wells encouraged me to really think about it. I really needed that encouragement/permission because, as a woman, I thought I was being vain in some way to care about my physical appearance when my life was at stake.

The surgery was difficult, I have to admit. But with that said, Dr. Wells and her staff were really aware that it would be and knew what I would need even as I was searching for the words to ask. All the office staff I just love. However, because the appointments to fill my expanders and most of my other appointments were with Tess, I became very fond of her. She is knowledgeable, able to tailor what she is doing to my needs, funny when funny is called for, and caring when caring is called for, as is everyone on staff. Jane is absolutely awesome as the "front person." She is so, so kind and gentle. She always has made me feel as if I am the only patient who has called all week, and that I am a cousin or something.

Juliea Juliea

An interesting and really positive thing that has occurred as a result of not just needing and having the surgery, but of having Dr. Wells and her team get behind my vision of my reconstruction, is that I have found myself, now almost 5 months later, thinking in a very new way. That is, I found myself, at first, looking at other ways of "reconstructing" my body, which of course meant my health. Being able to think that way and make it a priority have led to pleasant, surprising "reconstructions" in other areas of my life.

First, I started making walking a priority. Now my husband and I have joined a gym, and both of us are enjoying exercising. This also led to taking a good look at my clothes and makeup (or lack thereof) and finding that I hadn't allowed this to be a part of my life since I don't know when (you know, because it's vain). One thing has led to another and another, and I find myself taking guitar lessons, writing, drawing, and so on. Dr. Wells' encouragement for health, and how being an active part of that as a woman is OK, and even good, has enabled me to not be passive in enjoying and making the most out of today and however much time God blesses me with. Previously I had thought that going to a plastic surgeon was superficial, but caring too much about "appearance" has actually turned out to be the complete opposite. As my physical body is being reconstructed, beginning obviously with my breasts, I am excited to see all the other areas of "reconstruction" spilling over into the whole of my life.

Thank you, Dr. Wells, Jane, Julie, and Tess!!!

Her rare combination of impeccable training, keen aesthetic sensibilities, technical skill and precision in plastic surgery sets this Baltimore surgeon apart from the rest.

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Alyson Wells, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Patients who choose Dr. Wells appreciate the time she takes to answer all of their questions, down to the tiniest detail. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss breast augmentation with you and to help you feel informed and confident in your decision.

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I obtained exactly the results that I wanted, due to Dr. Wells' skill and expertise. I look like myself, only better!"
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