My face reflects the feeling of youth and vitality that is the REAL me.

Virtually all of my mother’s family had very droopy eyelids as they got older. I always hoped that mine would not have this characteristic. That was not to be. I actually did not become too concerned until I began getting obvious bruising on my forehead by underestimating the height of low hanging objects such as kitchen cabinets and the tops of doors when entering vehicles. I saw my ophthalmologist because I was worried that my previous retinal detachment had somehow permanently compromised my vision. Needless to say, I was anxious to the extreme. The doctor determined that my droopy eyelids were blocking my peripheral vision to the extent that I was constantly injuring myself just doing normal daily activities. He recommended that I see a plastic surgeon to remove the excess eyelid tissue (blepharoplasty). He also recommended that I have a brow lift.

I saw Dr. Wells for a consultation. She showed me “before and after” pictures of women in my age range (decidedly over 60!) and I was so impressed with the dramatic improvement she had achieved with those patients. I had also heard about a new “thread” facelift that was minimally invasive. She had specialty training in that area and provided a lot of helpful information about that procedure, as well as, the more invasive facelift. After much soul searching and consideration of the pros and cons I decided on the eyelid surgery and the thread facelift which included the brow lift. Dr. Wells was very supportive of my decision and was genuinely interested in my fully understanding the procedures and what to expect from the surgery. She did the procedures using local anesthesia and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I was and am absolutely delighted with the outcome. My vision is no longer compromised by my droopy eyelids (no more forehead bruises!). I love the general appearance of my face with the thread facelift, even after several years. My friends tell me that I look “rested” where before the procedures I was frequently asked if I was tired or if I hadn’t slept well.

I do intend to have the traditional full facelift in the near future and absolutely want Dr. Wells to do it, but it was just not what I wanted at that particular time in my life. Dr. Wells understood that and worked with me to come up with a plan that was thoughtful, reassuring, and comforting. Now, I have a result that I love and my face reflects the feeling of youth and vitality that is the REAL me.

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