Thank you Dr. Wells, for helping me love what I see in the mirror!

After several years of enjoying my refreshed and rested appearance that Dr. Wells gave me with my eyelid lift and threadlift, I decided to move forward recently with a facelift. Dr. Wells had explained to me during my very first consultation that a lesser invasive threadlift would be a more temporary and less dramatic solution to my sagging jowls and neck. I knew that I needed more “restoration” now. All I can say is “WOW!” I have avoided buying necklaces for years because I was self-conscious about drawing attention to my neck. Now, I wear one every day because I love the way my neck looks!

To say that Dr. Wells knows the face is an understatement. I never imagined I could look this much younger, but also so natural and age-appropriate all at the same time! Thank you Dr. Wells for helping me love what I see in the mirror!

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