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Several years ago, after 4 children and 15 years of marriage, I decided to have a breast augmentation. I asked around and got a recommendation from a family member. The doctor had a good reputation and worked at a highly regarded hospital. Without further investigation, I had the procedure done.

After surgery, I experienced what I was told was normal discomfort and that my breasts would eventually settle into their proper position. I waited the average amount of time to recover before telling the doctor that something was wrong, and one of my breasts continued to move out of place. He told me that there was nothing more he could do and that he couldn't make me look like a 20-year-old — that is, of course, unless I paid an additional $8,000.

I was devastated . . . until I found Dr. Alyson Wells.

Mishelle Mishelle

Initially, Dr. Wells encouraged me to return to my original surgeon for a further discussion of the situation. She armed me with the right things to say to this doctor. As a woman, she knew where I was coming from and acted in a completely professional manner. She was much more interested in me as a patient and person, and in having an ultimately good outcome from my prior procedure, than in charging me for yet another surgery.

After my previous doctor's second refusal to accommodate my needs, Alyson took me on as a patient. It was the best decision I could have made. Alyson repaired my previously "botched" enhancement (even after I had been told by the previous surgeon that there was nothing more that could be done).

I could not be happier!

Her rare combination of impeccable training, keen aesthetic sensibilities, technical skill and precision in plastic surgery sets this Baltimore surgeon apart from the rest.

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Alyson Wells, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Patients who choose Dr. Wells appreciate the time she takes to answer all of their questions, down to the tiniest detail. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss breast augmentation with you and to help you feel informed and confident in your decision.

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I obtained exactly the results that I wanted, due to Dr. Wells' skill and expertise. I look like myself, only better!"
- D.G., Owings Mills, MD