Clitoral Hood Reduction

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Frequently performed in conjunction with a labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, also known as a hoodectomy or clitoral hood reshaping, is a surgical procedure that can enhance the aesthetics and function of the clitoral area. (1) The clitoral hood covers and protects the clitoris. However, some women may experience excess tissue in this area, which can cause discomfort or dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Baltimore-area double board-certified plastic surgeon and feminine rejuvenation specialist Dr. Alyson Wells offers clitoral hood reduction procedures at Valley Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa. For more information, call (410) 628-8200 or contact us online. 

About Clitoral Hood Reduction

The clitoral hood covers up the clitoris, an important sexual organ in the upper portion of the vulva. The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, making it extremely sensitive and a crucial aspect of female sexuality, as it plays a major part in achieving orgasm. 

The clitoral hood serves to cover and protect the clitoris. With arousal, the clitoris becomes engorged and the clitoral hood is pulled back. Some women have clitoral hoods that have excess tissue and are larger than normal. In these cases, their clitoral hood might appear aesthetically undesirable, become irritated by rubbing on clothing, or reduce sexual stimulation. (2) Clitoral hood reduction can help to address this issue.

Benefits of Clitoral Hood Reduction

There are numerous benefits of clitoral hood reduction. These include:

  • Addressing problems that have been present since birth
  • Enhancing the appearance of the vulva
  • Improving accessibility to the clitoris for sexual stimulation
  • Reducing irritation caused by the clitoral hood chafing on clothing. 

With a clitoral hood reduction, patients can rid themselves of the problems that an enlarged clitoral hood causes, allowing for more comfort in tight-fitting clothing, and boosting confidence in their vulva’s appearance. Patients may also benefit from the increased sexual sensitivity that comes with a more exposed clitoris. 

Who is a Candidate for Clitoral Hood Reduction?

If you feel embarrassed over the way your clitoral hood makes your vulva look or irritated from clothes rubbing against it, a clitoral hood reduction might be right for you. If you experience limited sexual stimulation because your clitoris is underexposed during intercourse, you might also be a good candidate

To be eligible for a clitoral hood reduction, you should be in relatively good health. It is important that your body be able to heal properly so that you may recover well and benefit from the results of this treatment. You should also have realistic expectations about what clitoral hood reduction can do for you. Reducing the size of your clitoral hood can have a positive impact, but if you desire a more comprehensive procedure to change the size of your labia minora, consider a labiaplasty. Labiaplasties are frequently performed in combination with clitoral hood reductions. 

Personal Consultation

At your personal consultation, we can answer any questions you might have about clitoral hood reduction. At Valley Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa, we value transparency and patient education. We make sure that patients know everything they need to know about our treatments so that they can make informed decisions. 

We will ask you about your medical history and assess your current bill of health. We will examine your treatment area so that we can create a personalized treatment plan for your procedure. Once you understand the scope of the surgery, we can let you know what to expect moving forward. To schedule your personal consultation, call (410) 628-8200 or fill out this inquiry form. 


We will give you personalized instructions for preparing for your clitoral hood reduction. These may include stopping or starting certain medications and supplements, based on your health assessment. If you smoke tobacco products, you should stop before your treatment. Smoking can lead to complications during surgery and negatively affect your ability to heal. Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal medications as these can have a thinning effect on the blood and increase bleeding during surgery. You should also be sure to stay hydrated before and after your surgery, as this will help to ensure a successful surgery and a swift recovery.  

Clitoral Hood Reduction Procedure

Clitoral hood reduction is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home the same day as your treatment. It takes about one hour to complete. On the day of your procedure, we will administer some form of numbing, sedation or anesthesia to minimize discomfort, depending on a discussion we will have prior to your treatment. When you are prepped for minimal discomfort, Dr. Wells will begin. She will make incisions on your clitoral hood to remove excess skin. She will take extra care to make sure that the clitoral hood is symmetrical. She will then reconnect the remaining skin with your aesthetic goals in mind. 


Here are some things to consider about your recovery from the clitoral hood reduction procedure.

  • Downtime for recovery typically lasts three to five days
  • You can expect high levels of swelling for a few days afterward. This is because of the sensitive nature of the treatment area.
  • You may experience some discomfort. We will prescribe pain medication to address this.
  • You will be able to walk around comfortably after about two days.
  • You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritation while you heal.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and sexual intercourse for six weeks after your procedure.

We will provide you with personalized instructions for your recovery. These may include medication prescriptions, how best to take care of your healing treatment area, and when it is safe to resume various activities. Feel free to follow up with us about your recovery or if you have any questions or concerns. 


Because this area of the body has a high blood supply, you will heal relatively quickly. The initial results will be visible as soon as two months after your procedure, once the majority of the swelling has gone down. The final results of your procedure will be fully visible after four to six months when the swelling has gone down completely. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Here at Valley Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa, we offer procedures that can correspond with and complement your clitoral hood reduction.


Labiaplasty is commonly performed alongside clitoral hood reduction. It is a cosmetic surgery that addresses oversized, asymmetrical and stretched labia. It involves a surgeon making incisions to contour and reduce the size of the labia minora. These parts of the vulva can become aesthetically undesirable and physically uncomfortable from childbirth, sexual intercourse, aging, or simply as a result of genetics. 

Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover is a comprehensive combination of cosmetic procedures that aims to fully enhance the entire body of patients who have been affected by childbirth and aging. Depending on the areas of your body that you wish to treat, a mommy makeover may include a tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, and breast augmentation – or some combination of these procedures. Combining these procedures significantly reduces the cost and downtime for recovery that would come with having each procedure done individually. 

To learn more about the procedures we offer at Valley Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa, visit our blog. 

How Much Does Clitoral Hood Reduction Cost in Baltimore?

Each intimate surgery is personalized to the patient. Therefore, it will be necessary to come in for a consultation with Dr. Wells to devise a treatment plan unique to you. To find out how much clitoral hood reduction costs at Valley Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa, call (410) 628-8200 or visit our contact page.


Does a clitoral hood reduction affect sensation?

A clitoral hood reduction is carefully performed to preserve nerve endings and maintain sensitivity in the clitoral region. While there may be some temporary numbness or hypersensitivity during the initial healing phase, most patients report that sensation improves over time. It is crucial to consult with an experienced surgeon to ensure the highest level of precision and preservation of sensation during the procedure.

Is clitoral hood reduction permanent? 

Yes, clitoral hood reduction is essentially permanent. However, the effects of aging and sexual intercourse are inevitable, and the precise condition of the vagina is as susceptible to change as the rest of the body.

What is recovery from clitoral hood reduction like?

You will need about five days of downtime to recover from clitoral hood reduction. Patients can typically return to work and everyday activity after this period. You will experience some discomfort for the first few days, for which your provider may prescribe medication. Your area of treatment will be swollen for a month or two, and it may take up to six months for the swelling to go down completely. 


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